A common language and uniform understanding of the central BIM use cases is of great importance for the efficient use of the BIM method within any construction industry.
Bauen digital Schweiz has set itself the goal of describing the use cases together with its partners using a clearly defined methodology. This active collaboration and broad support in a network of proven experts ensures that application experience from projects already implemented or in progress is brought together. In the development of the use cases, all disciplines/actors of the entire value chain are taken into account over the entire life cycle of any construction.

Because infrastructure projects and the involved companies and parties are in many cases international, we open this part up for the whole world.

As buidlingSMART chapter Switzerland we invite the other chapters to participate. Switzerland is not only famous for chocolate but also for watches.

With this platform we share a fine piece of swiss innovation to the BIM community and want to become your host for a huge collection of use cases and a better common understanding of these.

Retro BIM

  • Revision : 001
  • Work Stage : Infrastructure Plattform
  • Maturity level : Example
  • Level 1: Draft
  • Level 2: In Progress
  • Level 3: In Progress
  • Modified: Apr 30, 2019, 12:30 PM

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