In this area you will find the following information

  • New use cases published in the past few months
  • Reworked or extended use cases (new versions) of the past few months

Maturity level

• The use case is a generic representation of what is intended in the future on a conceptual basis but has not yet been tested
• The use case is exemplary, but has no generality
• The use case has been tested and is already successfully used in the BIM methodology

Release Status

Level 1, Scope
• General description of the use case
Level 2, Process Map
• Process Map identifies the key decisions that will need to be made during the project to ensure that the solution developed satisfies the business need that has been identified
Level 3, Exchange requirements
• Exchange requirements describes the information to be provided per project phase and discipline

In this area you will find the following information

  • Use Cases, which have been favored as examples of best practice due to feedback from members
Release Status
Title Maturity level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Building Programming in Design and Construction Outlook